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We are commited to 100% Customer's Success

Our Team uses a comprehensive and customer driven approach to driving business and value to our customers.

Our approach is simple, but powerful: we begin by collaborating with advertisers to define their goals, based on their business needs. Then we build our plan to get there. Then we implement technical solutions that makes it a reality.

Our mission is to design technical solutions that empowers mobile advertisers to reach their target audience efficiently. We help advertisers deliver high-impact brand messages and drive revenues that exceed their expectations. At the same time, we provide digital media owners with tools for effective mobile content monetization.

Team Work



Ghenadie Plingau


The idea behind APP.NET was to provide application owners with an efficient tool to promote their apps. Ghenadie is managing a team of developers for over 10 years and has extensive experience designing and delivering innovative technical solutions.


Serghei Zagaiciuc

Principal Software Developer

Serghei is the main system architect and the main driving force behind all software development efforts. Serghei is experienced in software architecture, system design, development management, release planning and is using an efficient agile approach to deliver outstanding results.


Alex Vorojbit

Product Manager

Alex is the product owner and operations manager. Alex is the team leader, he sets the vision, defines strategic plan and goals for the business. Alex handles external relations with vendors and is in charge of production, marketing and overall product success.


Ion Ciobanu

Senior Software Developer

Ion has helped designing the back-end, implementing business layer, solving scalability and performance issues, implementing Open RTB protocol. Ion has strong technical skills, excellent coding skills, attention to implementation details and helps deliver outstanding results fast.


Iurie Oloi

Senior Front-End Developer

Iurie is considerably contributing to our website development by implementing complex functionality, optimizing our core website modules, troubleshooting, implementing fixes, enhancements, improvements. Iurie is very detail-oriented, performs thorough analysis, meticulously ensuring our product withstands highest quality requirements.